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Summer dresses | Zaful

     Dear all, in this post I’m making for you one more Zaful wishlist. Summer is coming, it is must to investigate what will be this year trends. But also we have to know will we tak some of this new trends or will we keep our old ones . I think that most important thing  is to keep our style and for the new trends , just pick what you like the most ! It is very important to buy clothes that we are going to wear, in who are we always going to feel comfortable , comfort and satisfied. 

     To be hones i don’t like Summer that much, because I never know what to wear and to not feel hot in it ( except when I’m on the beach of course ). More than half of my cloths I’m not wearing because I don’t feel comfort in it. In my search for the perfect pieces of cloth who are going to make my summer more comfortable and fun, I have found short summer dresses (click) on the Zaful online shop. Where you will be able to check huge amount of them. I’m certain that you will find a perfect dress for you either you are look for beach type or for the night city party type of dress. 

     The piece fo cloth that was the mouse “must have” in you closet in last two years for sure is a off the shoulder dress, the same trend is on for this year also, and on the Zaful online shop, you will be able to find a lot of them, very interesting and unique. 

Gingham is one of my favorite prints, and also the print that will never drop down on world’s “trendy lists” – It is simple and with simplicity shining it is ready to  put a magic touch on every combination. Gingham print dresses and shirts you can find also on Zaful one line shop HERE

Belower you can find Summer pieces who are on my wishlist, and none of them is more than 25$ . If you need more information about Zaful products, you can find them on the Zaful blog with a lot of inoperative fashion and all kind of posts.








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